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Emotional Difficulties

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Francess Day uses Imago Therapy to help with Anxiety, PTSD,

Remedial massage can improve posture and aid in correcting muscular imbalance, reduce stress and muscle tension, increase flexibility and mobility within the body, ease the discomfort associated with chronic pain conditions, arthritis, RSI and headaches.

Injury Prevention

Preventative treatment or 'maintenance massages' can greatly reduce the risk of muscular and tendon injury due to repetitive movement (RSI), sporting or everyday activity. 


Injury doesn't heal overnight. Correct assessment and treatment of muscular injury can accelerate the healing process.

Remedial Massage brings nutrient enriched blood to the area of injury, whilst expelling waste, accelerating the bodies ability to heal. 

Postural Correction

Reducing tension in a muscle can remove the strain on another, creating a homeostatic relationship between the two. Creating this balance can relieve pain, reduce the pressure on the musculoskeletal system and restore a neutral posture. 

We use a combination of soft tissue therapy, strengthening exercises and stretching to improve posture, build muscle where necessary and overall ease discomfort.

Pain Management

Remedial massage can eradicate pain associated with acute injuries and even give temporary relieve to long standing chronic pain conditions. Massage can reduce the strain on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Improving ROM
If a joint can move freely in its intended way, there is less pressure on the musculoskeletal system and fascia.

Reducing taut muscle fibers, trigger points and fascia can improve overall joint mobility. Injury or damage to the joints and muscular system are far less likely to occur if a joint can move without restriction.

Relieve Stress

 Remedial massage can aid in lowering stress levels. Bringing your focus to your body, implementing breathing techniques  and taking the time for yourself can all help the combat the effects of stress. 

Improve Sleep

From a pain perspective, sleep can be broken or greatly impacted. By improving the muscle and joint ROM, reducing pain and promoting the release of relaxation hormones, massage can increase your quality of sleep.

Regular remedial treatment helps to maintain optimal physical condition, aid in muscular repair and reduce the potential for injury.

Francess Day

Francess was a pioneer in community education about PTSD in the mid-90's. She set-up the first community-based support group for people recovering from traumatic stress. She published her first self-help book "Putting Together the Pieces" in 2002. The Support Groups still run when enough people can be gathered together.

The support groups developed into the current individual and family counselling services, critical incident debriefings for organisations and training in this area. From all this experience and ongoing training, Francess's self-help workbook “Put together your Own Life” was published in 2004.

Research illustrating the lived practice of trauma therapy by 22 experienced West Australian therapists from diverse professions earned her 1st class Honours in Psychology in 2009. She completed Intensive Training to provide Imago relationship counselling to couples and parent-child pairs in 2005.

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