45-minute group exercise

What is Gymstick?

Gymstick is a Pilates based resistance band program designed to strengthen your muscles, tone your body, burn fat, improve mobility and increase bone density.


Perfect for core and stability, this 45-minute group fitness workout will leave you feeling stronger after every session. This resistance band workout can be utilised by fit, athletic individuals or people who are just starting their fitness journey.


Using resistance bands are a safer alternative to weight training , HIIT or boot camps and can assist in rehabilitation for a wide range of ailments.

Guaranteed to make you feel muscles you forgot you had!

Prehab + Rehab

Preventative treatment is first and foremost the most important 

Injury doesn't heal overnight. Rehabilitation exercise is a safe and effective way to improve flexibility, increase muscle strength 

Muscle Strength | Control

Increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body)


Balance | Coordination

Gymstick is 
incorporates various muscle groups
activates, stabilisers and controls your muscles 

Within each Trio there are compound movements that require several joint actions. Multi-planar movement, direction and balance will effectively encourage greater synergy of muscle action. The advantage of training with a Gymstick is that you can combine coordination with resistance training. This is ultimately the most functional method of training. Everyday movements and sporting actions can be replicated with the Gymstick with the advantage of having a variable resistance to challenge the body safely.

The Gymstick has two bands attached to either end of the stick which create a line of pull that is away from the centre of gravity. This generates forces that challenge the body’s ability to stay in alignment. 

Each of our Gymstick classes are held at Les Lilleyman Reserve (33 Gill Street, North Perth 6006). Classes are instructed by qualified personal trainers who are trained in the Gymstick program. 

Bookings are essential as spaces are limited. 

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